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Daniel Veselitza / Daniel A. Veselitza
Also misspelled and mispronounced as: Dan Vestesleeza, Dan Vesteza, Dan Vesteeza (Thanks to Mr. Anderson who rarely pronounced or spelled it the same way twice. I think these were his most common variations.)
Also misspelled or misstated as Daniel Vaselitza, Dan Vaselitza, David Veselitza, Dan Vessalides, Dan Veseleetis

[I show these names with variations and misspellings and with family members to help more searches match and to establish uniqueness.]
[I may or may not have searched for these people online, via directories like Switchboard [ www.switchboard.com ] and WWW search engines like Google [ www.google.com ] and AltaVista [ www.altavista.com ]. I have registered myself with Switchboard and others; and these webpages with AltaVista and others.]

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